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Wisata Jeju Island

Jeju Island
South Korea has one tourist attraction that offers natural beauty with a variety of unique, Jeju Island. 
The island is located in southern South Korea, could be reached one hour by plane flew from Seoul or 11 hours if using the ferry from Busan. Or if you want to use the aircraft, you can go directly from Japan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.
With a view is charming, this island is the most popular tourist destinations in the 'State Ginseng'. Because of the popularity as a tourist island, many of which referred to him as his Korean island of Bali.
Mountains, beaches, waterfalls, parks, cliffs, and beautiful stones wrapped in warm weather make this place worth a visit. Coupled with a traditional Korean atmosphere which is still felt, the island became a favorite tourist attraction. Not only the domestic tourists who visited this island, but also overseas, especially Japan, Hong Kong, and China.
Mount Halla
In Jeju is the highest mountain in South Korea's Halla located right in the middle of the island. In the 1950-meter-high mountain, you can make the climb. In winter, this mountain would look beautiful as it is covered by white snow.
Meanwhile, during the summer, peaks disaput feel of a romantic haze. This is what makes Jeju Island became a popular destination among young Koreans who want to enjoy their honeymoon period.
Jungmun Beach
This beach is located right in the Jeju Jungmun Resort. What makes it unique is its sand beach (Jinmosal) are colorful, black, white, and red. On this beach, you can also do water activities like water skiing and surfing.
The atmosphere of the beach that was not too crowded, making it more romantic. Not surprisingly, many movies and advertisements that make this location as a background.
Haenyeo Museum
Jeju Women had always until now known for its toughness, especially in diving activities. With his expertise, they even often dubbed 'Mermaid'. With flexible, the haenyo (women divers) dive to take the pearls and shells, without wearing diving equipment.
Not just its natural charm can attract the hearts of tourists to visit there, but more than that the citizens of Jeju as well as the friendliness of Balinese people.

Wisata Kota Perth

The beauty of Tours in Perth 
Perth is a beautiful city is a pleasant tourist place for modern tourists. Exciting and colorful. 
City of Lights is located in the Swan River, crowded with a variety of activities and attractions for a variety of tastes. Perth suitable environment for relaxing, friendly, and open.
If Anad visit there, here are several choices of tours that can add to your wishes berperjalanan:
Swan Valley Vineyard In Perth, tourists can visit various kinds of plantations that produce the best wines and the Swan Valley, one of them. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk along the rows of vineyards and stay in one of lodging and accommodations offered.
If you have time and budget, be sure to do a romantic trip along the Swan River to enjoy the views of the entire valley.
Caversham Wildlife Park For tourists, visiting Caversham Wildlife Park is the best way to see Australia's national icons and other uniquely Australian animals such as koalas, Tasmanian devil, Dingo and owls. One needs to be done here is touching wombats and may carry him! The kids would love to climb the camel and tried to milk the cow.
Caversham Wildlife Park is a place bernaungnya 2000 animals, a fun vacation for families who want to enjoy nature and wildlife.
Fremantle Harbour Fremantle Port is always busy and crowded - with boats and cruise ships that docked at the pier, and on land, where locals and tourists together to enjoy a variety of food and other fun things.
This area has a number of restaurants serving various types of seafood appetizer and eat chitterlings. When you are there, just as a festival period. Enjoy sea breezes and views of the city of Perth in the afternoon.
Cappuccino Strip Cappuccino Strip is the perfect place to enjoy fresh food and see the various cultural festivals such as carnival South Terrace and Festival Parade. This area is popular among creative people, who often hold exhibitions in various locations around there.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

One of the tourist destinations in Jakarta, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta, was still crowded on the last day of school holidays, Assistant Manager of Communications and Promotions TMII Gunawan Wibisono said, until 0900's of visitors reached 7000 people. "From this Sunday morning, since open at 5:00, no Sunday Ria. People are jogging a lot here," he met at the office TMII Information Center, East Jakarta, Sunday. Gunawan estimates, up to the counter closed at 22.00, TMII visitors today can reach 40,000 people. The amount is reduced from the first day New Year holiday, yesterday. Saturday TMII number of visitors, said Gunawan, nearly 100,000 people. "Because the peak of his show yesterday, December 1, touched 99 226 visitors, almost 100,000 (people) until the counter closed," he said. "Society as this is today's Greater prepare for Monday, the activities of working again," he added. The spacecraft will be crowded TMII visitors, according to Gunawan, the Imax Theatre Keong Mas, Snowbay Water Park, Garden Fresh Water Aquarium, Children's Palace, and Bird Park. "These places are so excellent kids entertainment. Bird Park is also still a mainstay since the public can mingle with birds thought to stern, but it was benign," he said. Based on observations, visitors TMII not too dense. They gathered on the bridge-bridge or in the park around the Monument Fire TMII. Traffic flow around TMII, precisely at the main gate TMII, smoothly. So is the flow of vehicles in the arena TMII.

Wisata Air Modem

Modern Water Tours 

Maros regency government tried to reach his goal as a leading tourist areas in South Sulawesi Province. In addition to mainstay attractions such Bantimurung waterfalls, tour the district to prepare a vehicle for water (water park) area of 3 hectares of national forest conservation area Karaengta. 

PT Aquana Timpuseng Minerals that will build the site has picked up business license. Local investors are starting to build the project since August 2010. It has now been running about 70 percent. The total investment of around Rp 24 billion.
"God willing, arena, water park operates May. Local employment the main concern, "said Head of Marketing and Promotions Page Aquana, Fahmy Muchtar, during a press conference in Phoenam Coffee Shop, Jalan Boulevard, on Monday (24 / 1).
This vehicle is equipped with facilities out bound, cottage restaurant, and meeting rooms. There are 10 places of entertainment are presented, ie, Kiddy pool, Olympic pool, sliders tower, landing pool, flying fox, flying fox Kiddy, Kiddy out bound, out bound adult, performing stage, and rafting.
Vehicle that is not far from the tourist Bantimurung baths and fountains, he said, had pocketed permit the use of ground water, land, and environmental impact assessment. Building permit from Maros regency government also already exists.
The location is at the edge of the forest, but will not damage the surrounding forest. "Forum for the conservation area adjacent to national forest. This conservation area certified property, so that management rights entirely in the hands of investors, "he explained.
President Director of PT Aquana, Amirulla Nur, admitted that he had long held the right of the land area of 2.8 hectares property. "As a child born in Maros, called to build the region. The presence of these vehicles to meet the entertainment needs of the community, "he said.
Places of entertainment, a distance of 40 kilometers from Makassar City and 25 kilometers from the city is holding managers Maros Villa Tjokro Bogor water boom, water park Ragunan zoo, Jakarta, aqua bucket Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta and water boom Kabayan, City Gardenia Cipanas, Bogor.
Including design and installation of outbound area, the team worked Savanna Indonesia has ever built outbound Mekarsari, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Bogor Tenjolaya, Lollipop Gandaria City, Senayan City.
Head National Park, Agus Budiono admitted that he had to know the location of a vehicle owned by local investors play. But in its development, he said, was not included in the national forest area of 43,750 hectares Karaengta. The developer of vehicle, he said, does not require permission from the Park.
"So far there is no problem because the construction site outside the national forest. But the distance is so close that can be reached by foot. 0.20110124 to 308,488, uk.html

Wisata Kota Tua Heidelberg

Keindahan Kota Tua Heidelberg
This magnificent palace is a symbol of the country's history. Governments in Europe seem to appreciate that there are a number of historical monuments. Proven not only in Germany, almost all countries in Europe, bengunan castles and ancient churches, still maintained the situation stand as before, and sold as assets of state tourism.
It provided for the establishment of the castle as the anniversary of Heidelberg. Document the first time the city was found in 1196 and 1225 known as the Heidelberg. To reach the castle of Heidelberg, you need to go through 303 steps. Because air is cool, so through hundreds of stairs was not heavy. After the fall of the Castle, your visit is not perfect, if not taking the time to stop by the old bridge near Bismarckplatz. From the bridge which is under, the Castle looks elegant.
Another resort town in Germany that offers charm 'antiquity' is Leipzig. When East Germany was different from his government, the city is among the most reliable as a tourist center.
Visiting the 'Little Paris' means the compulsory visit Nikolaikirche Church (St. Nicholas). The oldest and largest church in Leipzig. The building is increasingly worldwide since 1989, when it is used as the starting 'Peace Revolution' between East and West Germany.
Leipzig is one of the most beautiful city in Germany. The city was saved from destruction in World War I. After the Berlin Wall collapsed, Leipzig became the city's most interesting cultural history and a place visited by many tourists.

Candi Pawon

Giving BTL 2011 for Organizing Objects will be More Selective Tours 

BANDUNG, (AP) .- The government of West Java Province through the Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java will be more selective and deliberate in giving grants Indirect (BTL) to the area to arrange a tourist attraction. 2011, BTL is only budgeted at Rp 6 billion for structuring attractions in nine cities and counties.
As stated by Head of Tourism and Culture of West Java, Ir. H. Herdiwan Iing Suranta, MM, the "AP", with regard to tourism development program inprastruktur in West Java. "The year (2011) BTL budget is devoted nine cities and regencies in West Java is smaller than in previous years, therefore we will be more selective," said Herdiwan, accompanied by Sub Bag and Program Planning, Dra. Febiyani, M.Pd.
The decrease was by Herdiwan, due to various things that happen on the field against the use of such assistance. One of them is the readiness of the recipient area, where many cities or districts that do not have the program until the budget is used not only for physical activity in the field, but also used for the initial stages of programming.
The area that the plan will receive a BTL 2010 is, Bandung Raya (Kota Bandung, Kab. Bandung and Bandung in West and Soil), Kab. Garut, Kab. Tasikmalaya, Kab. Ciamis, Kab. Falkirk, Kab. Cianjur, city and district. Cirebon, Kab. Brass, Kab. Karawang and Bogor City and County. "For future distribution, we will submit to the areas that really are ready with the program, so help is really for the implementation of the field," said Herdiwan.
Previously, to anticipate the lack of infrastructure at tourist attractions, the provincial government through Disparbud Jabar Jabar since 2009 BTL rolling fund. To the District. Ciamis amounting to Rp 11.4 billion, which meant the arrangement of facilities and tourism support facilities at six locations tourist area of post-tsunami and earthquake disaster.
The second year (2010) amounted to USD 10.5 billion, given to the seven regions to fix the 13 tourist attraction. Most big budget for restructuring and revamping tourist attraction in the district. West Bandung, which is Rp 2.525 billion for the three tourist sites. All three are Curug Malela (Kec. cavity), Cave Pawon (Kec. Padalarang), and waterfall Maribaya (Kec. Lembang).
Another tourist attraction that also got BTL, is a tourist attraction Cigugur Swimming Keramat (Kab. Brass), rest area (Kota Tasikmalaya), Beach Cimaja and Sukawayana (Kab. Sukabumi), Temple of Soul and Blandong (Kab. Falkirk), structuring Street vendors in the Peak area (Kab. Bogor), Temple Cangkuang, Situ Bagendit, Coast Mountain Geder (Kab. Garut), as well as structuring and improving the Museum Geusan Ulun (Kab. Sumedang). (A-87/das).

Candi Mendut


I think I should be proud because of being born on earth great artists with great masterpiece. Ancestors are great people. They created masterpieces Mendut, Pawon and Borobudur temple with amazing detail. 

Mendut is one of a triad of temples in Magelang district. The location of this temple is the easternmost of the three temples, precisely in the Village Mendut, Mendut village, Kec. Mungkid, Magelang regency. 

The temple which was built during this dynasty dynasty to witness how much fun those days. Time when playing football with friends when I was sitting on the bench Government Elementary School (SD). My school was not yet have its own sports field, so every time a PE lesson we headed to the park Mendut. 

Inside the temple which was built in 824 AD at the time of King Indera have 3 pieces of sculpture: 

Cakyamuni: sitting cross-legged with your hands turn the wheel of dharma. 
Awalokiteswara as Bodhi Satwa help mankind 
Awalokiteswara is a statue of Amitabha who is above the crown, Vajrapani. She is holding a red lotus flower is placed on the palm of the hand. 
Maitreya as the savior of the future human 

Stupa in Mendut 
Relief about the birds and turtles that became a favorite story of friends as a child. Relief is about three friends, two geese and a tortoise. One time they hit the dry shelter, three of them (geese and turtles) decided to move. However, because the turtles can not fly, then the second goose to help her with a wood turtle could bite the wood and flew together. 

Another version states: 

In these reliefs there are paintings of animal stories or fables that are known from Pancatantra or Jataka. The full story is presented below. But the story is presented below is somewhat different version with paintings in relief this: 

There is a turtle living in the lake Kumudawati. The lake was very picturesque, many tunjungnya beranekawarna, there are white, red and (lotus) blue. 
There are female male swan, wander looking for food at the origin Kumudawati lake water from lake Manasasara.Adapun name of the goose, the Cakrangga (name) gander, the Cakranggi (name) a female goose. They were living together at the lake Kumudawati. 
So already lamalah friends with the turtles. The Durbudi (name) of the male, while the Kacapa (name) of the female. 
So it was already nearly dry season. The water in the lake Kumudawati increasingly mengeringlah. [Both] goose, the Cakrangga and the Cakranggi then said goodbye to their friend the tortoise; the Durbudi and the Kacapa. He said: 
"O friend we asked ourselves out of here. We want to go from here, because the more mengeringlah water in the lake. Especially before the season we kuasalah kemarau.Tidak far from water. That's why we want to fly from here, fled to a mountain lake called Hima Manasasana. Very pure water is clear and deep. Do not dry out even though the dry season. That's where our goal comrade. "So said the angsa.Maka kurapun answered the tortoise, he said: 
"Oh friend, our great love to you, now you will be leaving us, trying to own your life. 
Is not (state) with us by you, can not be far from water? Wherever you go we will go, in your joys and sorrows. This is the result of our friendship with you. 
Goose replied: "Well the turtles. We no sense. It's no wood, ye pagutlah center, we'll bite the ends there and here with my wife. There is strong we'll bring you fly, [just] do not loose your bite, and again do not talk. Everything that we overcome as long as we fly you later, you should not be reprimanded as well. If someone had asked not to be answered too. That's what you should do, do not comply with our words. If you do not follow our instructions will not work you get to their destination, will end up dead. "So said the goose. 
Then dipagutlah middle of the wood by the tortoise, the tip and base pecked by a swan, there and here, the men chant, right kiri.Segera carried by geese flying, will wander into the lake Manasasara, expected destination. It has been far they fly, and came in above fields Wilanggala.Maka are male and female dogs who take shelter under a mango tree. Si Nohan male dog name, the name of the female Babyan. So mendongaklah female dog, see the geese fly, they both fly the tortoise. Then he said. "O my father, behold, there it is very improbable. Turtles flown by a pair of swans! "Then the male dog answered:" It is impossible for your words. Since when there is a turtle that was brought by the geese fly? Not the tortoise but dry buffalo dung, nests karu-karu! Presents for children geese, there it was! "So said the male dog. 
Heard the words of the dog by the tortoise, became angry thought. Bergetarlah mouth because it is considered dry buffalo dung, nests karu-karu. 
So mengangalah the tortoise's mouth, loose wood dipagutnyam fell to the ground and then eaten by wolves and the male swan betina.Si shame not complied with his advice. Then they continued on flying to the lake Manasasara. 

Relief birds and turtles 
In addition to the story about the tortoise and the birds swans, there's more story about "Brahmin and the Crab" which tells of a Brahmin who rescued a crab for crab is then return the favor in a way to save the Brahmin from the disruption of crows and snakes. "Two Different Betet Bird" tells the parrot behavior of two very different because it only brought up by the Brahmins and the other by a highwayman. And "Dharmabuddhi and Dustabuddhi" about two friends of different behavior where Dustabuddhi who have accused the reprehensible nature Dharmabuddhi committed a disgraceful act, but eventually his crime was uncovered and Dustabudhi-sentenced.