Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Wisata Kota Tua Heidelberg

Keindahan Kota Tua Heidelberg
This magnificent palace is a symbol of the country's history. Governments in Europe seem to appreciate that there are a number of historical monuments. Proven not only in Germany, almost all countries in Europe, bengunan castles and ancient churches, still maintained the situation stand as before, and sold as assets of state tourism.
It provided for the establishment of the castle as the anniversary of Heidelberg. Document the first time the city was found in 1196 and 1225 known as the Heidelberg. To reach the castle of Heidelberg, you need to go through 303 steps. Because air is cool, so through hundreds of stairs was not heavy. After the fall of the Castle, your visit is not perfect, if not taking the time to stop by the old bridge near Bismarckplatz. From the bridge which is under, the Castle looks elegant.
Another resort town in Germany that offers charm 'antiquity' is Leipzig. When East Germany was different from his government, the city is among the most reliable as a tourist center.
Visiting the 'Little Paris' means the compulsory visit Nikolaikirche Church (St. Nicholas). The oldest and largest church in Leipzig. The building is increasingly worldwide since 1989, when it is used as the starting 'Peace Revolution' between East and West Germany.
Leipzig is one of the most beautiful city in Germany. The city was saved from destruction in World War I. After the Berlin Wall collapsed, Leipzig became the city's most interesting cultural history and a place visited by many tourists.

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